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    The Environmental Protection Center was established in August, 2000, with the mission of promoting the quality of the environment on campus. The Center helped to implement the regulations at STUST, which caused a broadening of the scope of its oversight. In December 2001, under the authorization that was approved in an administrative meeting, the original Center was renamed the Environmental Safety and Health Office.


Plan and supervise recycling programs

1. Plan and supervise resource recycling.

2. Provide education on resource recycling.

Hazardous waste collection, transportation, and disposal, including:

Collect and handle hazardous waste materials in laboratories.

Apply for licenses and make reports, including:

1. Report laboratory waste produce, storage, clearance and disposal.

2. Report monthly on the condition of sealed-radioactive materials.

3. Report occupational accidents.

4. Approve work rules on the safety and health of each campus laboratory.

5. Apply, report on and manage toxic chemicals.

Training and promotion on environmental protection safety and hygiene, including:

1. Provide radiation protection workshops for staff.

2. Practice general educational training on safety and hygiene.

3. Conduct general education training on safety and hygiene for pre-enrolled graduate students.

4. Provide emergency response and first-aid training class.

5. Provide chemical-protection equipment workshops.

6. Provide hazard communication training on dangerous and harmful materials.